Tuesday, December 4, 2012

The Anatomy Of A Blog

the anatomy of a blog
A blog tend to have very distinct elements that follow a typical order, unlikes websites, which can be unpredictable with regards to content and structure. That means, a blog contains posts, which might or might not allow for comments, and these posts are displayed with the most recent post at the beginning of the index page. Additionally, blog templates are often put together so that the display contains a sidebar column into which the blog author can put lists of links, affiliations, and other information pertinent to the author or his blog.

The general structural elements of a blogs

All blogs have a title that is displayed prominently at the top of the blog main page as well as subsequent blog archive pages. The next is the posting date, followed by the title of the individual post along with the content of the post. The footer area of the post, where the posting time is usually displayed, the post author's name is important when posting to a group blog because readers will want to know exactly which member of the group blog posted this particular bit of content.

General structure of a blog

The blog comments provide an outlet for users to weigh in on posts you've written, to offer alternative perspectives on situations, or to tell anecdotes that might offer guidance in some situations.

The final element  is the sidebar. Blog templates, especially the stock Blogger templates, almost always have a side column built into them, for the placement of author information, blogrolls, popular post, recent post and other links of interest to the author.

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